So you'd like to be a reporterů
Or maybe a photographer, radio journalist, or television film crewman. Great!

Scott Pendleton, the editor and publisher of Student Contest News (including this Web site), knows how you feel. During 15 years in journalism, he worked in North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. He published more than 500 articles and dozens of photographs in newspapers and magazines. He worked in radio and television as well before writing The Ultimate Guide to Student Contests and establishing Student Contest News.

Student Contest News is happy to give all willing students the chance to launch their journalism careers by publishing their work on this Web site. We need features about academic contests, recognition awards, honor societies, membership organizations, and academic talent searches.

What are we looking for? Content that will motivate students to get involved in these worthwhile activities. Articles, photos, and even audio narrations or video newsreels are welcome.

For reporters, a typical assignment is to conduct a telephone interview with the winner of a particular contest. What enabled the winner to excel? What did the winner wish he or she had known about the contest before it began? What advice does the winner have for future entrants?

We'll provide a much longer list of questions specific to your assignment. After you conduct the interview, just write the story and e-mail it to Student Contest News. We'll help you polish it.

Ready? Whether you already have an idea or need our suggestion, get in touch. Tell us about yourself and what kind of assignment interests you. You'll hear back right away!

Things to know:
  • You are not obliged (by Student Contest News, anyway) to complete an assignment.
  • In conducting interviews, you may identify yourself as "working under assignment from Student Contest News." Please behave so as to make yourself and us look good.
  • Student Contest News intends to correspond by e-mail with student reporters (like you) for the purpose of making assignments and offering editing advice. However, we are not obliged to.
  • Student Contest News doesn't pay for your work. Same goes for expenses.
  • Student Contest News retains total editorial control.
  • Student Contest News owns everything we publish, except for samples of winning work.
  • If you ever wish to have your name removed from work you created for Student Contest News, just ask. We'll do that, if possible. Exceptions might include videos or radio stories in which your name is part of the material itself.
  • Student Contest News has the right to give the same assignment to more than one reporter.
  • Student Contest News is not obliged to publish a submission, whether assigned by us or not.